inspiration for the name fifth origins

Since the launch of Fifth Origins, I often get asked what does the name mean.

"Why did you name the brand Fifth Origins?" So I wanted to share my inspiration for choosing this name for the brand.

The “Fifth” in our name stems from the idea that we are aiming to move toward a "fifth dimension". One where we think about how we impact the universe around us and vise versa. That we are striving to be more at one with the planet and its offerings. According to ascension teachings, the Earth and all its beings are in the process of shifting into a whole new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, compassion, peace and spiritual wisdom prevails.

We aim to inspire joy in choosing something that is not only beautiful on the outside but makes you truly happy from within. Not to mention, quality is of utmost importance to us - hence Fifth representing that we offer you the best finished products.  

“Origins” simply denotes our plans to go back to how products were originally made. To revisit our innate desires of being around what is essential, away from clutter. Artisans have known how to produce products ethically for centuries. Origins means going back to our roots to what is natural and earthly. To using tools and skills that we’ve known about but have somehow ignored. Origins means using what has worked for centuries, going back to our roots and drawing inspiration from the past and combining all that with todays innovative techniques to make it relevant for growing tribe of conscious customers.

With Fifth Origins, we hope to create a new beginning looking at things holistically being aware of the people and planet all while making beautiful products.

Would like to leave you all with this beautiful picture of a traditional wooden house located in the Himalayas - this was clicked from a place not very far from where our Cape Infinity is handcrafted.


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