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A funky cool kantha vintage tote
Upgrade your shopping game with our funky and cool Kantha Vintage Tote—a 100% upcycled masterpiece crafted from discarded sarees, ensuring each bag is a unique and one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

Make a bold style statement and ditch the mundane with the Kantha Vintage Tote—a unique and eco-friendly masterpiece that reflects your individuality, as no two totes are alike. Embrace the beauty of recycling and discover the limitless possibilities of upcycled fashion.

We are taking versatility to the next level. With four different sides, including a front side, reverse side, and inside-out variations, this bag lets you express your unique fashion sense. Complete with two pockets for your essentials, it combines functionality with eco-friendly charm.

Size - 40cm X 35cm. Handle length - 30cm

Material - 100% recycled vintage fabric (cotton sarees)


Made from 100% premium quality Turkish cotton.


100 x 200 cm / 39 x 79 In

Caring for your Infinity Towel Wrap - Hand/ machine wash at 30 degrees celsius if needed using mild detergent. Lay flat to dry and store folded. Do not bleach or dry clean.

Behind all our products, are the stories of the people who created it and it is no different for our Infinity towel wrap. The Infinity Towel Wrap is handwoven in Turkey, by artisans living in Babadag and Buldan. A skill passed from generation to generation, weaving is the main source of income for many families with both men and women working together to craft each Infinity Towel Wrap.

Working from their homes, looms are located in their houses to allow working adults to manage family life alongside generating an income. Each braid on the Infinity Towel Wrap is meticulously hand braided by the women, their nimble fingers expertly working the yarns for the perfect finish.

Individually crafted with pride and precision, each Infinity Towel Wrap is produced with generations of skill, and centuries of tradition. 

handmade by women artisans from Bengal and Rajasthan

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