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Reversible & versatile
Enjoy the styling of 2 capes for one. Cape Infinity Duo can be worn in 20+ ways which makes your wardrobe look new every day of the week. Wear it short to compliment your outfit, or long at the front as a statement piece. Wear it wrapped as a top or reverse it for a completely new color and look. Made from 100% Linen each side of the cape has a unique motif work which makes it look almost like a piece of art. Choose from our standard size (fits up to EU48/UK20/US18) or get it customized as per your measurements. Delivery starts 15th June onwards.

Reversible Cape Infinity Duo: Double the Style, Double the Impact

Versatile and Reversible: Yes, you read that right! Our Cape Infinity Duo offers the flexibility of two capes in one, crafted in complementary colors inside and out. Perfect for matching any mood or outfit, this reversible feature allows endless styling possibilities. Switch up your look with just a flip! Explore all the ways to wear the Cape Infinity HERE.

Styling Options Galore: With over 20+ ways to wear it, the Cape Infinity Duo rivals our best sustainable and ethical wool capes. Transform your wardrobe daily—wear it short to accentuate your outfit or long at the front as a dramatic statement piece. Wrap it as a top or flip it for a brand new color and experience.

Luxuriously Crafted from Organic Linen: Experience the comfort of our luxuriously breathable organic linen fabric. As one of the more eco-friendly natural fibers, our linen is not only soft and malleable but also naturally insulating, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Inclusive Fit for All: Designed to flatter diverse body types, the Cape Infinity accommodates up to EU48/UK20/US18. Interested in customization? Contact us for a tailor-made Cape Infinity Duo at no additional cost. Connect with our support team at to enhance your style effortlessly.

Ethically Made by Artisan Hands: Each Cape Infinity is meticulously crafted by 15 rural artisans using ethically sourced linen. Designed in our Amsterdam studio, it represents a harmonious blend of ethical fashion and artisan heritage. Wear yours with comfort and pride, knowing it's a unique piece of art.


Made from 100% premium quality Linen.

Why Linen Linen is one of the strongest of all natural fibres, and it’s strength increases with each wash. Made from the stalks of flax plants, the linen production process is significantly less water intensive than that for cotton, giving it a lower water footprint. Almost all of the flax plant can be used supporting our zero waste policy.


Our Cape Infinity is made to fit diverse body types. If you are unsure if this cape will fit you, check our size chart or you can chat with us and we will be happy to assist you further.

  1. Size of the cape is 103-105cm x 147-150cm
  2. Free size armholes 33-35cm 
  3. This cape fits upto size EU48/UK20/US18

Customisation - Did you know that you can customise your cape? Yes, we provide customisation service. For more information about this please email us at or chat with us.

Caring for your Cape Infinity Duo - Hand wash if needed using mild detergent and lukewarm water. Lay flat to dry and store folded. You can read more about how to care for your Cape Infinity Duo here - How to care

Behind all our products, are the stories of the people who created it and it is no different for our Cape Infinity Duo. The Cape Infinity Duo is truly a story of awesome teamwork. Through the entire journey of the cape, 13 artisans have contributed towards the completion of your cape.

Our Linen fabric is woven in the South of India and then the fabric is passed onto a master dyer, from north of India who uses certified dyes to dye beautiful colors. After that a team of expert embroiders meticulously turn the piece of fabric into a piece of art.

They pass the shawls on to our team of tailors who painstakingly place the two layers of Linen on top of each other and turn in to your reversible Cape Infinity duo. After this, the finishing team completes the rest of the steps (washing, ironing, clipping, tassel cutting) to finally bring one refined Cape Infinity duo to you - made with 100% humanity.

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how to style your cape

handmade by 15 artisans in Rural Himalaya

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