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A jacket dress
Meet the versatile and 100% handwoven, hand-embroidered jacket dress. This jacket dress comes in various sizes, please see the size chart for more information.

Step into a story woven with tradition and sustainability with our Rabari Kedia, a garment that carries the whispers of the Kutch desert and the tales of its nomadic caretakers. This isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a journey through the lives of the Maldhari tribe, famed for their 'Milkman's dress,' and a tribute to their enduring spirit.

Where Heritage Meets Craftsmanship Crafted with love and precision, the Rabari Kedia is a modern ode to the traditional kediyun. Designed to be as free-spirited as its wearers, this jacket cum dress is light, airy, and perfect for the open plains. Made by the skilled hands of local women, it blends functionality with cultural pride, featuring side ties and pleats for that signature breathable fit.

The Touch of Kala Cotton Our story takes a sustainable twist with Kala cotton, a marvel of nature that thrives organically, demanding nothing but care from the earth. Woven on wooden looms, this fabric is a testament to the beauty of traditional methods, dyed in the hues of nature with Indigo to achieve its vibrant character.

Embroidered Tales by the Rabari Sisters The narrative continues with the Rabari sisters, whose needles dance to the rhythm of heritage and imagination. Their hands embroider stories of their tribe onto each Kedia, making every piece a canvas of handcrafted artistry. Through their creativity, the essence of Rabari culture is stitched into the fabric, making each Kedia a collector's piece.

A Promise of Sustainability and Fairness In choosing a Rabari Kedia, you're choosing a path of zero waste and conscious creation. From ensuring fair wages to minimizing carbon footprints, this garment is a pledge to nurture our planet and its people.

A Legacy Worn Two Ways With the Rabari Kedia, you're not just wearing a garment; you're carrying forward a legacy. Its versatility as both a dress and an overlay offers endless possibilities to express your unique style while celebrating a rich cultural heritage. It's a statement of sustainability, art, and the timeless beauty of the craft.

Join us in wearing a story, a heritage, and a dream of a more sustainable and interconnected world. The Rabari Kedia isn’t just a garment; it’s a bridge to the past and a step towards a better future.


Made from 100% Kala Organic Cotton sourced directly from the farmers of Kutch, Gujrat, India


Please refer to our size chart for the size details.

    How to care – Use handwash cycle in your machine and lay flat to dry.

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