6 travel essentials for this summer

Finally, after 2 years of hibernation we are seeing a lot of action at the airports – long queues, busy counters, buzzing airport cafés… Here are few tips on how to travel light and more importantly how to travel sustainably. These are top 5 must-have in your travel bag:

1. Water Bottle (reusable)

2. Cutlery on-the-go set

3. Hand cream and Lip Balm

4. Nail paint and Lipstick

5. Beach towel

6. Cape/ Poncho/ Wrap

1. Water Bottle - Water bottle – This is a must, otherwise you might end up buying plastic bottles every day – not only terrible for the environment but also hard on your wallet. Imagine paying sometimes up to upto Eur 4 for a 500ml bottle of water – crazy right?. Simple solution – carry a bottle which you can refill whenever you need. We love Hydro Flask stainless steel bottle – very versatile and is made to last – which is what we are always looking for. Check them out here Hydro Flask.
2. Cutlery on-the-go - Are you someone who loves to bike, hike, explore places on your foot and might just grab an on-the-go salad or maybe you packed something for your lunch, well then you would need a spoon, fork, knife and I guess a straw too. At Fifth Origins we want to make it easy for you to be as sustainable as possible – so very soon we will be launching our on-the-go cutlery sets – simple but effective. 100% natural, made from miracle plant, Neem and Bamboo. These are cute and totally environmentally friendly all the way long. More about this in a few weeks.
3. Hand cream and lip balm - Don’t we all love to keep our hands moisturised always? A lip balm is a must in a travel kit. And what we love is if it’s chemical free, natural and made in small batches. Recently we came across Beeja Botanicals, an India based all-natural skin care brand. We loved their beautiful initiative and the marriage of local sourcing and women empowerment.
4. Nail paint and Lipstick  - Well ... did you think we would miss these? Of course not, and thankfully we have a company that we absolutely love. Maybe you have heard about them and tried their products too, if not check out – Gitti, conscious beauty from Germany. Natural, vegan, Peta certified skin products, and they have new beautiful collection for Summer.
5. Beach towel wrap  - If you are going for a beach holiday, you definitely need a beach towel - and as you know we love when one piece of clothing can do more. Check out our infinity towel wraps - we promise you it's more than a towel. Click here - All colours
6. Cape Infinity  - Last but not the least, what would your travel look like without your best travel companion? Cape Infinity and it’s sisters all are perfect travel buddies – they are lite easy to pack, they are adaptable, they can make your wardrobe look new every day and we can go on and on… but most importantly they will make you look AWESOME! Want to know how to style our Capes/ Ponchos/ Wraps, check this out.
We are in love with our Linen Duo Capes for this summer (and next, and next) but do check out our woollen capes too as you know you can wear them long during summer to avoid the extra fabric on your neck. Click here for the entire collection – All Capes
Do let us know your favourite travel essentials in the comment section below.
Happy travelling!
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