reasons for introducing "relove" programme

Do you have an old or new Cape Infinity that now just sits in your wardrobe? Don’t you think it deserves a second life, a new companion?

Instead of clearing it out in your next wardrobe clean up session or letting it just sit in your wardrobe, bring it back and we will find it a new wearer, a new companion. 

Why go for second hand option?

1. Reduces negative impact on the environment

2. Extends product life

3. Find quality products at lower price

4. Encourages community building

5. Prevents waste


Here is how ReLove program works.

    • Send your Cape Infinity (lite, duo) to our address (Notenlaan 22, 1185 RS, Amstelveen) to become a part of our ReLove program. Please do not send Capes that are torn/ shrunk/ stained as these will not be able to be reused. If you have questions about what can be sent back to us, please email us at support@fifthorigins.com

    • Do not forget to mention your name and email id in the package along with Cape Infinity (lite, linen duo).

      • Once we receive your Cape Infinity you will receive 20% discount voucher for your next purchase. Use it to buy whatever you like from our range of sustainable products or pass it on as a gift voucher to your loved one.

    • Your Cape Infinity will become a part of the ReLove collection, open to be bought, used and loved again.

    About ReLove Library

    Here you will find Infinity Capes that have been sent back to us from their wearers. Instead of having these be part of some landfill we want them to enjoy a new home. Below you will find a guide that indicates the Capes' current life stage.

      • Almost Perfect – It’s almost new with few small irregularities but nothing too noticeable

      • Very Good – Has been worn just a couple of times, so it’s as good as new.

      • Good – Has been used more than a couple of times but it’s in a good condition to be used and loved more.

      • Loved and Worn – Was a favourite wardrobe piece, so it was loved, hugged and cuddled.

      Happy ReLoving!

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