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Dutch Residency Project

A pioneering collaboration between the Netherlands Embassy in Colombo and Selyn Textiles to integrate Fifth Origins' blockchain technology into textiles, aimed at improving transparency and traceability in the handloom supply chain. This initiative represents a commitment to innovation, co-creation, and a sustainable, equitable future.

About the collaboration

In September 2022, a remarkable encounter unfolded, igniting a visionary partnership set to reshape the landscape of sustainable textiles. The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Colombo met with Selyn Textiles, an innovative organization committed to enhancing transparency within the handloom supply chain through the integration of blockchain technology. In close collaboration with Nicole van der Velden, an interior architect from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy embarked on a remarkable journey to rejuvenate its Colombo office and residence. At its core, this endeavour embodied a sustainable and innovative approach - recycling old furniture reupholstered with the revolutionary blockchain-integrated fabrics developed by Selyn Textiles.

This ambitious initiative not only aligns seamlessly with the Embassy's circular economy objectives but also resonates deeply with Europe's broader sustainability aspirations. Yet, it extends beyond environmental considerations. The collaboration between the Embassy and Selyn Textiles challenges conventional norms, delving into issues of decolonisation and equity. The overarching goal is to shift power dynamics, acknowledge the intrinsic value of products from the global south, and ensure that profits flow equitably within the supply chain, benefiting all stakeholders.

This partnership stands as a testament to a vision driven by principles of co-creation, meticulous research, and an unwavering commitment to transparency and equality. Together, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Selyn Textiles are crafting new narratives, fostering heightened collective awareness, and weaving a more sustainable and equitable future for all. Join us in celebrating this remarkable journey of transformation and collaboration.


Based firmly on 30 years of commitment to fair trade and sustainability, Selyn Textiles was born of a desire to bring Sri Lankan handloom to the world stage. While a 2500-year history of weaving is being threatened by a global pandemic, we proudly present to the world a collection of intricately handwoven textiles; fair trade guaranteed and cruelty-free, with cutting-edge blockchain technology ensuring greater transparency to those hands that weave it.

Overview & Impact

Our commitment to empowering women artisans from rural communities, as laid by our Founder Sandra Wanduragala 30 years ago, remains unchanged. Guided by this philosophy, we are now one of Sri Lanka's largest social enterprises, with a thriving network of close to 100 artisans from all across the Island.

As Sri Lanka’s only and leading Fair Trade guaranteed handloom manufacturer, we have a strong ethical compass working towards a sustainable tomorrow. Our collections are cruelty free (PETA-Approved Vegan) and committed to ensuring the best quality while ensuring an eco-friendly product and process. Our cotton yarn is OEKO-Tex certified, dyes and chemicals are Reach, Bluesign and GOTS certified and a waste-water treatment plant ensure our environment is not harmed during the manufacturing process. In addition, we are committed reduce our dependancy on imported cotton and to source locally; closer to home. With the use of alternate fibres including banana, coconut, palm, reed and jute, all sourced from the community’s own backyards, we’ve developed a framework that brings resources closer to production, reducing our carbon footprint and achieving zero-waste.

Our ethically manufactured, biodegradable fabrics are the perfect medium for eco conscious designers looking to create impact through dynamic design techniques.

Know your product (KYP) and verify the claims

100% Organic Cotton

used for all products

Consistent Living Wages Paid

to artisans

Fairtrade Guaranteed

since 30 years

SEWF Verified

since Dec 2023

PETA Approved Vegan

certificate PAV2137

Proudly Made in Sri Lanka

by Selyn Textiles

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