what's so special about turkish artisans?

When you travel to Turkey, make sure to sit down with one of these artisans and learn about their craft!

When you think about Turkey, what comes across your mind? Hot air balloon rides, rich history, delicious delicacies, deverish dances and much more. But did you know that is also home to many skilled artisans who create gorgeous goods - textiles, jewellery, copper, carpets, ceramics and more.

At Fifth Origins' our goal is to work with skilled artisan from different parts of the world and we found an opportunity to co-create with artisans from Buldan, Denizli for our new products.

A skill passed from generation to generation, weaving is the main source of income for many families with both men and women working together, who will craft each Infinity Towel Wrap and reversible muslin cotton throw blanket.

We love that these artisans have looms in their house, allowing them to weave and take care of other things at the same time.

New products, new artisan group, new learnings - we are very excited about what this collaboration with bring us and to our tribe. We are curious to hear from you.

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