blickfang zurich 2019

Our first event of 2019 was at Blickfang Zurich – November 2019. Participating in this event was quite different from the ones I have been a part of earlier. This time I traveled with my 3-year-old daughter and was 24 weeks pregnant and was all by myself. Of course, all this was possible because my husband accompanied me and helped me throughout the duration of the event. Without his help, attending this event and making it a success would have been impossible. But the show stopper was my daughter, Raga – sometimes they can surprise you with their level of understanding and maturity.

Being a part of a designer led consumer event is always great as one gets to meet like-minded business owners and there is also an opportunity to connect with consumers directly. Meeting with consumers helped us get first hand feedback about our product and knowing what it important for them.

How often do you get to know the story behind the brand/ products that you buy- not very often right? This is what we would like to offer to our consumers/ our tribe – we want to tell them the story our brand, challenges we face, our ethos, our future plans and much more. This we feel is the best way to spread our story and connect with like-minded individuals, after all we all are equal stakeholders in the entire process. I was delighted to learn how involved today’s consumers are, they want to know more about the products they are buying and investing in, they are asking questions, they are curious – this is definitely very encouraging for sustainable brands like Fifth Origins and in general for the field of sustainability and ethical production.

People who visited us were very excited to see the entire collection of Cape Infinity and Cape Infinity lite and all the countless possibilities it offers – many ways to style and 15+ ways to wear. The best part of this event was the feedback we received about the new colors that we launched in our collection. Our customers loved the new colors and placed pre-orders for them as well. Customers were excited that they were the first few customers to receive these new colors.  

Our bestselling colors were – Cape Infinity Aurora, Cape Infinity Tulip and Cape Infinity Black Sand.

Overall we had a great experience in Zurich, thank you Blickfang for the opportunity and also a big thank you to all those who visited us and will spread our story to more people.

See you soon Zurich!



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