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Hello there! This is Sindhu, I am the co-creator and founder of Fifth Origins.

Since the launch of Fifth Origins people have been asking me about the inspiration behind launching my new lifestyle brand Fifth Origins. I wanted to share my journey as a co-creator and about our vision for Fifth Origins.

It all began with my first experience as a co-founder of an ethical fashion accessory brand. Over the last four years, I have traveled to remote villages across the length and breadth of India to meet, re-skill and retrain artisans. I’ve had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with other fashion thought-provokers, heard customer feedback, and dove head-first into researching about topics related to sustainable fashion and building thriving communities.

During this phase, I realized the need to combine style, sustainability, and social impact to products that we seek and buy. Fifth Origins sprouted from the seed of this idea: to build a lifestyle brand that serves all stakeholders equally. The designers, artisans, customers, and everyone with us along the way is what makes Fifth Origins possible. Through our philosophy of co-creation, we laid the foundation for our brand - our three pillars :

conscious design/  artisan made/ natural materials.

During my exploration as an entrepreneur and having met many artisans, I realized the disconnect between the two worlds. On one side, I saw people looking for products which were not only fashionable and beautiful on the outside but that were made in best possible way. On the other hand, I came across skilled artisans who were completely disconnected from today's market trends which made their work less and less relevant. This is when I found my “Why,” and my journey as a co-creator began. 

Most fulfilling moments in the last 4 years were when I realized the impact  of my work on the artisan communities. In our joint endeavour, women have been empowered, children have received quality education, artisans gained access to health insurance and most importantly they have had the freedom to choose.

I believe in “Impact at scale.” And at Fifth Origins, I hope we can achieve this by joining forces with artisans from different parts of the world and connecting them with conscious designers and aware customers. 

Why stop with one artisan, one village or one product? My journey has just begun and we at Fifth Origins cannot achieve our mission without YOU. Come join us.

Welcome to Fifth Origins!

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