summer essential that you can use beyond summer

After a disruptive 2020, we all deserve to enjoy summer 2021 and all that it brings along. So what's that one thing that we all definitely like to invest in?

Wherever you plan to spend your summer days relaxing — by the lake, pool, ocean, or on a lounge chair in the backyard — make sure you have a beautiful beach towel in tow to keep you protected from the hot ground, to dry you off from a midafternoon dip and to make you look stylish.

Fifth Origins' Infinity towel wraps will be your companion beyond summer, they are designed to be multifunctional try it as a wrap, scarf, blanket, throw, sarong…or any other way you find to use it!

Offering soft skin-kind absorbency as a towel, the Infinity Towel Wrap has a weight and feel that drapes wonderfully and looks great no matter how you use it. Perfect for travelling, it is also ideal to use on the beach as the smooth surface won’t hold the sand like traditional Terry fabric.


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