This vintage jacket cape started its journey a very long time ago. Sarees were collected from different houses, villages, cities – these are washed and then the creative process starts. These vintage sarees are cut depending on the color patterns each of them offers and then layers are stitched together by women artisans using a unique stitch and technique called – Kantha. 

However, given the age of these fabrics, some may bear stubborn stains that cannot be taken out. To revitalize these textiles, we've immersed them in a captivating natural indigo dye bath and adorned them with the playful and distinctive Suzani embroidery. Drawing inspiration from the time-honored techniques of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, Suzani embroidery infuses these pieces with a vibrant and funky flair.

This exceptional creation stands as a genuine heritage artifact, perpetually passed from one individual to another, forging an unbroken legacy. It symbolizes our unwavering dedication to nurturing circular fashion, a mission made achievable through the remarkable artistry of our cherished artisans—the true heroes of our craft.