cashmere beanie

Sweat-less and scratch-free beanie
Luxuriously soft, non scratchy, natural Cashmere beanie is made from purest pashmina fibre and Himalayan wool from Ladakh and hand-knit by women knitters in the Himalayas | For adults and kids | Unisex

The most ethical cashmere Tired of scratchy and sweaty forehead? Try Fifth Origins hand knitted ultra soft, breathable, moisture wicking Cashmere beanie cap and feel the difference yourself.

Hand-knit by artisans Each and every piece is meticulously hand-knit using hand spun pashmina yarn blended with wool by women self help group from the Himalayas using traditional knitting techniques. 

Fairly priced Working directly with artisans and goat herders helps us bring purest form of cashmere yarns at a price that is fair and affordable. No middle men, no contractors, we ensure our makers get fairly paid and that we can bring the best product for our Fifth Origins community.

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40% Cashmere

60% Himalayan wool

Our wool is ethically sourced directly from sheep herders from the Himalayas. If you would like more information you can write to us at


Adult - One size

Kids - Age group 5 -10 yrs

      Customisation - Need a different size? Email us at As these are hand knit we can easily customise it.

      Caring for your Cashmere beanie- If you would like to wash your beanie, please use hand wash option provided in the washing machine. 

      Cashmere beanies are made by small artisan communities from Ladakh, India and Himachal Pradesh. We work directly with the Changthangi goat herders from Ladakh to ethically source the pashmina fibre. This is then carefully processed by a small group of artisans in the Himalayas, who are experts in converting them into high quality yarns required for knitting.

      Each beanie is then individually hand-knit  by women self help group by twisting 2 different color yarns. These are made in small quantities to ensure the well being of the Changthangi goats, the changpa tribe and our mother earth. Your conscious choice supports these small artisan communities and mother nature.

      handknit by self help group in the Himalayas.

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