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"cape of hope" is Fifth Origins’ social gifting campaign for this festive season (2019). From 21st November to 31st December we will donate 5% of every sale towards building a childcare centre for the children of our women artisans who are instrumental in handcrafting our Cape Infinity.

During my last visit to our artisan partners unit I had an opportunity to spend time with some of the women artisans who are a part of the team who craft Cape Infinity. During our conversation, I realised that these women were very happy to be financially independent but at the same time were extremely worried about the care their children (age group 1-4years) would receive when they are at work. This got us thinking as it was very important for us to ensure that Sushma, Preeti, Sarla and others continue to work and at the same time feel secured about their children’s well-being while they are working towards building a brighter future for them.

We started exploring some options with our artisan partner and concluded that we would build a small childcare facility within same facility where these women artisans work. This would mean that they could bring their children to work and provide them a safe environment. This facility (we are yet to finalize the name for this facility) is now functional – it’s small set up with two rooms, one room where children can eat, relax and sleep and the other room for them to play and learn new things. For now, each woman artisan spends an hour away from work to take care of these children – such great teamwork, isn’t it?

With the amount we will raise during “cape of hope” campaign we intend to further strengthen this facility by investing in new educational toys, learning materials, workshops where children can learn new activities and much more. Fifth Origins is excited to be a small part of this big dream. This is our small effort to empower women and to also encourage healthy work environment.

Thank you each one of you who believe and trust in what we do and in our mission to bring ‘impact at scale”.  We are looking for suggestions on how we can make it an exciting place for all the children who come there – so do leave your suggestions in the comment box.

 We will keep you posted with more updates related to “cape of hope”.





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