unique ways to spend mother's day

Looking for ideas on how to spend Mother's day this year? We have put together some ideas for you.

1. A relaxing spa day - What's better than spending a day in the spa.  Research a local spa, look for what activities your mom would like and just make a reservation.
2. Baking session with mom - Spending quality time with your mom is top on your list? Then why not do a baking session together at home. Just look for a good recipe - sweet or savoury and spend an entire afternoon or evening together baking.
3. Private yoga session - We all love that extra stretch, don't we? Book a private session by hiring a yoga teacher to come home and give her a one-on-one session.
4. Have a picnic - Good weather predictions? Then you must plan a picnic with just you and your mom, pack some snacks and drinks and head to a good calm picnic spot.
5. Dinner and movie - Last but not the least, simple old style way to spend time with your most favourite person. Order in and watch a good movie on Netflix. We hope you remember your mother's favourite actor.
Whatever you choose to do, we are sure you will enjoy the day with your beautiful mother. Do share with us how you plan to spend your Mother's day.
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