bath and meditate bundle

Mindfulness retreat
Your gateway to a peaceful mindfulness journey for your soul.

The pureness of ceremonial chakra incense sticks paired with Himalayan vegan soap and scrub will take you to a world of ultimate relaxation. The bath and meditate bundle is all natural, vegan and handmade.

Chakra incense sticks are made by Tibetan monks using century old monastic recipe fused with traditional Vedic herbs sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas. 

Himalayan handmade soaps and scrubs are made by a small community of women artisans in Kumaon using locally available ingredients.

You will receive

- 1 box of each meditation and relaxation chakra incense sticks (20 sticks each box)

- Himalayan Lemongrass and Nettle soap bar

- Himalayan Geranium and Apricot scrub bar


Mindful Self-care bundle

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