The journey of our Zero Waste Edition reversible jacket began in 2022 when we discovered defects on the selvedge part of our beloved Linen fabric, originally intended for our Cape Infinity Duo. Unable to incorporate these meters of fabric into our capes, we set them aside, determined to find a way to repurpose them. In 2023, we encountered a similar situation with additional meters of flawed fabric.

Despite numerous attempts to utilize this surplus fabric for various products like eye packs, scrunchies, cutlery pouches, and jewelry pouches, we faced challenges and setbacks. However, our perseverance led us to a breakthrough when we decided to transform them into reversible linen jackets.

This transformation wouldn't have been possible without the dedication and craftsmanship of our brilliant master tailors, who skillfully crafted these jackets from the finest sections of the fabric.

Our journey from waste to new creation serves as a powerful reminder that "waste is not waste until it's not used." It's a testament to our commitment to zero waste philosophy, sustainability and the endless possibilities of repurposing materials to create something beautiful and meaningful.

As this edition promotes zero waste, these jackets are non-returnable.