chunky pure wool scarf

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Luxuriously soft & cosy pure wool chunky scarf by women knitters in the Himalayas | One size I Unisex

Discover the unique blend of tradition and comfort with our Chunky Handknitted Himalayan Wool Scarf. Crafted by our women knitters in the Himalayas, this round scarf is made from premium, ethically sourced pure wool from the Himalayas, ensuring both quality and sustainability. Its chunky knit design offers ultra softness and warmth, just perfect for colder climates. Support traditional craftsmanship and enjoy timeless style with our ultra-soft, artisanal pure wool scarf.

Key Features:

  • 100% Pure Wool: Enjoy the natural softness and warmth of high-quality wool.
  • Handknitted with Love: Each scarf is a unique creation by Himalayan women artisans.
  • Ethically Sourced Materials: Committed to sustainability and fair trade practices.
  • Round Scarf Design: Innovative and stylish, perfect for versatile styling.
  • Chunky Knit Texture: Classic and cozy, offering enhanced warmth.

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100% Wool from the Himalayas

Our wool is ethically sourced directly from sheep herders from the Himalayas. If you would like more information you can write to us at


One size 

Circumference of the round neck knit scarf is 100cm.

      Caring for your Chunky Knitted scarf- Handwash Only. 

      Each scarf is individually hand-knit by women self help group in the Himalayas  by using traditional knitting technique. . We use premium quality ethically sourced wool. Your conscious choice supports these small artisan communities and mother nature.

      handknit by women from self help group in the Himalayas

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