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Eco-Chic Meets Vintage Flair with Our Zero Waste Kantha Crossbody Bag
Step up your bag game with our Kantha Vintage Crossbody – the ultimate accessory just for you. Crafted from 100% upcycled vintage kantha fabric, this bag isn’t just a style statement; it’s a nod to sustainable fashion. With each piece uniquely yours, you'll flaunt a look as individual as you are.

Embrace sustainable style with our 100% Zero Waste Vintage Kantha Crossbody Bag. Each bag is a unique piece of art, crafted from the soulful remnants of vintage Kantha fabric, each bag is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, buzzing with the energy of repurposed magic. We've transformed leftover bits from our Kantha vests, jackets, capes, and coats into the ultimate statement accessory that's not just good for the planet but steeped in traditions.

The centerpiece of this bag is the exquisite vintage Rabari embroidery that adorns the flap – a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Rabari tribe from Kutch, hand-stitched with history and heart.

With an adjustable strap also made from Kantha fabric, this crossbody bag marries convenience with classic craftsmanship. By choosing our Kantha Vintage crossbody bag, you're not just picking a bag – you're carrying a story on your shoulder and making a conscious choice for zero waste fashion. Shop now and carry the legacy of Kantha with you wherever you go.

Weight - 380g

Dimension - L 25 W 8 H 15 cm

Strap Dimensions - Fabric strap - adjustable: 76cm - 135cm

Material - 100% recycled vintage fabric (cotton sarees) and vintage embroidery patches made by Rabari women from Kutch, India


100% recycled vintage fabric (cotton sarees) and vintage handmade embroidery with might have sequence work or mirror work on a base fabric of repurposed cotton. 


Weight - 380g

Dimension - L 25 W 8 H 15 cm

Strap Dimensions - Fabric strap - adjustable: 76cm - 135cm

Crafting our Rabari Crossbody Bag is a journey through tradition, skill, and sustainability, starting with the intricate process of creating Kantha. Kantha is a process that transforms discarded fabric pieces into vibrant canvases of storytelling. Women artisans meticulously layer and stitch together remnants of vintage fabric, breathing new life into each thread and creating a tapestry rich with history and color. This foundational Kantha fabric sets the stage for the next chapter of craftsmanship: the exquisite Rabari embroidery. Originating from the nomadic Rabari tribe of Kutch, this embroidery is a testament to the tribe's rich cultural legacy, featuring bold, intricate designs that are hand-stitched with precision and love. Each motif tells a story, imbued with the traditions and the spirit of the nomadic Rabari sisters.

Merging these two distinct art forms requires the skilled hands of our tailoring team. They carefully select and combine the leftover Kantha fabric (all the waste after making vests, capes, jackets and coats) with patches of Rabari embroidery (these are vintage taken from old Rabari blouses), ensuring that the placement enhances the bag's aesthetics and storytelling. The fusion of Kantha's colorful narratives with Rabari's detailed embroidery creates a unique, cultural tapestry that is both visually stunning and deeply meaningful. The final assembly by our tailors brings these elements together into a harmonious, functional crossbody bag, showcasing the intricate beauty of Kantha and Rabari craftsmanship in a piece that's as practical as it is artful. Through this meticulous process, each Rabari Crossbody Bag and Clutch becomes a wearable piece of art, celebrating the fusion of traditional techniques with contemporary design.

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handmade by women artisans from Bengal and Kutch, India

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