4 pack lemongrass and nettle soap

Your home spa
Immerse yourself in the pure goodness of nature and make your morning ritual natural, vegan and 100% plastic-free.

Lemongrass and Nettle fusion invigorates your body and mind with unique detoxification powers. Let tranquillity wash over you with the purity of our Lemongrass and Nettle soap.

Benefits of Lemongrass and nettle Lemongrass is renowned for its fresh, lemony scent. It’s also a famous go-to for opening pores, detoxifying, and then naturally toning your skin. And of course, the invigorating citrus aroma evokes energy and brings out your natural confidence.

Nettle has astringent properties that are magical for treating annoying complaints such as greasy, dry or itchy skin. Feeling fatigued and achy? Nettle also does wonders for loosening up muscle, improving movement and agility - forget your morning coffee.

This order will come with a box of 4 soaps,  1 cotton loofah, 1 cotton pouch for storage in your closet.

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handmade by 8 women artisans from Kumoan, India

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