amethyst bahia gemstone

For Stress relief & Aura protection

Amethyst is a very versatile crystal with a myriad of metaphysical uses. This semi polished specimen comes from one of the most spiritual states in all of Brazil, Bahia. A great tool for spiritual development, meditation and energy healing, and rightfully a favourite among crystal newbies as well as seasoned crystal lovers.

Weight: 188 grams

Use: Meditation – Stress relief – Aura protection

Chakra: Third Eye and Aura

This product is bought to you in collaboration with a Danielle, who is a Crystal Healer and a collector of ethically sourced Crystals from different parts of the world.

We wanted to bring you the best of different categories, so we have collaborated with Danielle, who had curated few of the best crystals just for you. 

Danielle is a crystal healer who has been practicing this was 10+ years. She is mindful about the source of the crystals so work with selected partners to bring this to the Netherlands. If you would like to know which crystal you should go for, chat with us and we will connect you with Danielle.

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