cobalto calcite gemstone

For Stress relief & Aura protection

Cobalto Calcite may look unassuming compared to other more popular crystals, but it’s a true emotional power house. Fantastic to work with when dealing with loss or great emotional trauma. It will assist you in working through your grief and help you ground yourself and finding your balance after emotional upset. Not for the faint of heart.

Weight: 558 grams

Use: Open up to your heart’s true desires – Process grief – Transmute trauma

Chakra: Root and Heart

This product is currently available only for EU

Behind all our products, are the stories of the people who created it and it is no different for our reversible muslin throw blanket. The reversible muslin throw blanket is handwoven in Turkey, by artisans living in Buldan. A skill passed from generation to generation, weaving is the main source of income for many families with both men and women working together to craft each reversible muslin throw blanket.

Working from their homes, looms are located in their houses to allow working adults to manage family life alongside generating an income. Individually crafted with pride and precision, each reversible muslin throw blanket is produced with generations of skill, and centuries of tradition.       

how to style your cape

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how to style your cape

handmade by 15 artisans in Rural Himalaya

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